06 June 2023

Status: is free.
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  • Assembler(FASM): creation of ordinary (not UWP) programs for Windows x86.
  • PHP: creation of plug-ins, modules, etc.; correction and improvement of the code.
  • JavaScript: writing various scripts for pages, forms, interactive elements, etc.

Status: is free.
Orders accept


Website development
  • With the help of cms: WordPress, Joomla, Grav.
  • It is possible to upgrade or improve the existing one.



Only one site on which you are now and

Website created using Grav, as part of my practical self-study. Therefore, some frameworks were not used when creating the site.

Were also involved: template engine Twig and preprocessor Sass/Scss.


Assembler: As long as there is one program. — Spero written with Fasm .

PHP и JavaScript: Try on a little and they are all used in the development of the site. For example: in cases of php this is a site search.


As a developer, I am still not quite experienced, so I don’t undertake a large or very complex project.

But for the average, and even more so simple for which the "more serious" developers do not take it - with pleasure. At least, I need to develop a portfolio ...

I do not really know how to draw in such a way that the designer is so-so with me, first of all I am a programmer.

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